8 Lessons Honeybees Teach Us

8 Lessons Honeybees Teach Us

Honeybees Teach the Value of Community
The success of honeybees is all due to their intense sense of community.  Without this, bees should be unable to create the honey and successful hives that they do.  We, as people, should work to build our sense of community. As we do this, we are able to become the best possible versions of ourselves, while building indescribable relationships.

Honeybees Teach About Relationships
Honeybees work together and share compassion for their goals.  They understand the importance of mutual care towards the common goal.  In relationships, we need to give our all.  Things cannot work without mutual care and energy.  Be it in love or in friendship, we should be generous as we strive for the common goal of a positive relationship.  
Honeybees Teach Us To Be Efficient
Honeybees are efficient and work together in order to create honey as rapidly as possible. They do things in a quick, efficient manner to get the job done.  We too should strive to do things in a way that is most efficient and beneficial to achieving success.
Honeybees Teach Us To Work Hard
Honeybees work diligently to have successful beehives.  They must seek the best nectar sources and they must work to make the honey.  Honeybees work as quickly and carefully as possible for their common goal.  IN our lives, we should work diligently and hard to meet our goals.
Honeybees Teach Us To Seek pure Rizq (Provision)
Honeybees seek nectar from flowers they only eat fresh and clean flowers that no other bee has eaten from. So, their sustenance is from a pure source..  In our lives, we should attain halal rizq.
Honeybees Teach Us To Value Nature
The natural world allows for beauty and incredible phenomenon.  The way bees are capable of making honey is fascinating, and the only way it is possible is because of nature.  The natural order allows beautiful things to occur, and our being able to see this lets us see the value of nature.  Nature allows the world to be as beautiful as it is.
Honeybees Teach Us To Work Together
Honeybees work in a team in order to truly thrive in the hive.  Nectar passes through many bees in order to stock up the honeycomb cells.  In our lives, we work well in a team.  We learn to work towards a common goal with others in order to have the best possible outcome.
Honeybees Teach Us to Learn
Honeybees learn about their sources of nectar and the benefits of these sources.  In our lives, we should also strive to learn and find the places in which we gain the most knowledge.
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8 Lessons Honeybees Teach Us

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