fashion:- How Amber Venz Box became the Mark Zuckerberg of fashion.

fashion:- How Amber Venz Box became the Mark Zuckerberg of fashion.

Amber Venz Box is the biggest thing to come out of Dallas since J.R. Ewing, and the next big star taking over the fashion world.

In a time when the worthiness of “influencers” and bloggers appear to be questioned at every turn, she is empowering these online personalities, like Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine and Australia’s own Kate Waterhouse and Nadia Fairfax, one double tap at a time. 
Together with the bloggers and street style stars of the world, Venz Box – the Mark Zuckerberg of fashion – are laughing all the way to the bank thanks to the technology she, and her now husband, developed that allows users to make money by tracking the traffic and sales they drive to retailers’ websites through social media and blog posts.

As the founder of RewardStyle and the invitation-only shopping platform LikeToKnow.It, she has helped generate more than $2 billion in sales driven to brands, like Net-A-Porter and ASOS, since she launched in 2011.

She works with only 10,000 tastemakers (out of 100,000 vetted applications), has offices in Texas, New York, San Francisco, Shanghai, London and Sao Paulo and employs 200 people all working on what is now the largest, most measurable network of influencers in the world.

Google has since partnered with the company and will begin making street-style shoppable during fashion weeks in the coming months. From January, Venz Box’s platforms will be able to monetise content on Snapchat – a world first.

For those that continue to scoff and complain about those who may have written “blogger” on their census form, like Vogue during a Milan Fashion Week wrap, Venz Box is a diplomat between the old guard and new innovators of the industry.

“These people are the cheapest and most effective way for brands to drive sales. It used to be all about inspiration and beauty but these influencers, who are four times more productive than what they were in 2012 and use it as second revenue stream, tie content to commerce and immediacy,” she said ahead of her keynote address at the Vogue Codes event on Friday.

“There’s always that new hot girl at the bar driving sales. It’s not always correlated to follower count,” she said. “You are really only able to earn if what you’re putting out is actually engaging somebody and for us and retailers, engagement means sales. So are they voting with their wallet or are they just looking at you because you’re showing your boobs?”

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fashion:- How Amber Venz Box became the Mark Zuckerberg of fashion.

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